Run Your Store From Your Phone With Zibster ToGo App
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Monday, July 03, 2017
By Holly H
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Your ecommerce website is living its best life online, able to make sales for you even while you sleep. But what about selling in your store, on location, or just on the couch in a client’s home?


The Zibster ToGo Pocket App lets you perform essential store and ecommerce functions you need to run your business effectively from anywhere.


Here’s how you can turn any phone or mobile device into a business center, able to sell products & services, take payments, send invoices and manage client contracts quickly and easily.



 Download the Zibster ToGo App Here:




Scenario: Retail Location

You've seen those tablets that people use to check out in cafes, clothes shops, or bookstores, right? It's just a tablet with a program installed on it that can process orders.


Well, the Zibster ToGo App can turn any tablet or phone into your own point of sale machine, both in your retail location or when you’re traveling – like at a curb market, tradeshow, or at a client’s home. It's free, too!

  • Securely process credit/debit transactions
  • Log cash transactions
  • Automatically track all sales with one set of books
  • Get reports when you need them
  • Email receipts to customers
  • Build a client database
  • Save client payment info
  • No fees to process payments or use the App!
  • Optional card swiper to swippity-swipe a card instead of tapping in the number.

Just pick the products and services your client is buying. The app tabulates the total and will add all applicable taxes and/or shipping fees. Then, you just enter the client's card number and process that payment. 


You get paid, and your client will get an emailed receipt. Plus, if that client comes in a lot, you can save their payment info for later, so next time they don't need to give you a card. Nifty.


And because you have the client's email address, you can easily send your best customers an email with a coupon or offer when the time is right! (Remember, you get 100 free marketing emails to send each month with Zibster.)

Selling on Location - Your Zibster ToGo App can make selling like this WAY easier.

Process a transaction on the spot so the customer can go on. Cash, checks or cards – no sweat. They get an email receipt so there’s no confusion, and the order is logged in your books so it won’t get lost.


If the customer doesn’t have their wallet, you can send an invoice for them to pay online when they get home. You can also send reminders so you can collect your money without having to hunt people down.


You ALSO save their emails. Notify them quickly when orders come in using CONVERSATIONS… but also don’t forget to use this as an opportunity to build loyalty and revenue down the line.


This is a list of people who will want what you sell later, who’ve already bought from you. Later, you can send them a MARKETING EMAIL letting them know they can get family next thing done from you, too.


Zibster ToGo lets you bust out your phone, add up the total, and make a quick invoice that gets sent to the customer automatically.


With an invoice you can:

  • Set payment due dates
  • Let clients pay online or in-person
  • Give them the chance to pay over time
  • Send reminders

Paperwork! It’s the worst! But it’s also necessary…


If you have client forms or contracts you need your customers to fill out you can send them via email so your customers can complete them online ahead of your meeting.


Just tap to send, and you’re done. It’s really easy. You can even take a deposit right there on the form.


Just set up your standard forms in advance. Once you get a booking, go to the app and pick the form you want to send. Tap “SHARE” and select the client's email address. Your client receives their form in a few seconds and can fill it out online. You'll get a notification when it’s done!


Easy, easy, easy. And it eliminates the need for you to send over papers or deal with LOST paperwork. Each submission is stored online and you can pull it up anytime.

  • Easy to send forms
  • You keep a copy online, accessible anytime
  • No lost or missing forms
  • Take session deposits
  • Official signatures, too!


 Download the Zibster ToGo App Here:



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